Monday, November 10, 2014

SC Shirts

I screened a limited run of these.
Click HERE if you want one.
Printed on good quality cotton shirts.
graphic is on the front.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Family and Everything Else

So pretty much not much in the Motorcycle thing going on lately.
Heres some pics from the Standard Asylum.

Meet....Rebel Love latest creation....
Proud Grampa!
Uncle Justin....bought me my first Vans!
My girls are getting so big!!!
Some Alone time......chasing parts
The LEGEND...Honor and Respect for this Man! 
My Ride or Die....
My Circle is Small....My trust is even Smaller....DTA!
Miss my RP
Kutty and I built this......Mother Fucker
You just decorated the cake!
Dont belive Two Wheel Terrors for proof.
They see us Rolling.....they Hate'n
Motorcycles come and go......
But your Family and the Trusted ones are for life.....Make sure you spend allot of time with them....because you never know when it may be there time to go....
Or even worse......yours!
See what happens when im on date night and have had to much Sapporo.....and with my wife walking around a clothing store.
Until next time....

Monday, June 30, 2014

BORN FREE 6.....BF6.....

So here we GO another Born Free in the books for the Mad Men..... Mike and Grant....
Stellar job and hats off to everyone involved with it......I myself for the short time I was there
had FUN, The minute I walked on the grounds, I started seeing friends I don't always get to see.
It normally takes me all day to buzz around the vendor section saying HI's and giving hugs, But this time
I was on a mission to get in and get out, I can not express the amount of KILLER bikes and the effort
and HEART that the builders put into this show.Yes there is the HIP-Sters,but so what.........If these
HIP-sters are who buy the Goods that enables the BUILDERS to keep there families feed and the doors
open hats off to them.
I had the chance to shake hands and snap a pic with a Legend....As you can tell I was super Stoked!
So here are my pics enjoy!

On the road there with my long time Friend Johnny Branch
His SHOVELHEAD rigid is 100% all tig welded and hand built by him.

If you know me well then you know that I am a huge
fan of chopper history and the people that MADE that history,
This is Spade George.....LOOK him UP.
Thanks George for the Shirt and the pic!

Another Living Legend......The one and Only Tom Fugle,
I didn't get a chance to meet Tom...when I stopped by the booth to say Hi
to another Friend sharing the booth with him, He was super deep
in convo with someone else!...Some Day!

Another talented builder.....who's bikes always blows my mind is 
Brandon from Mullins Chain Drive
The amount of detail and fabrication skills this guy has is to uncomparable
to most, I took so long to geek out on the amount of work put
into some of the smallest things that the normal person, will never 

The HARPOON....who is a Amazing Painter..
 Took the time to paint his already killer scoot....
Great job....BUDDY!
Here are the rest of my PICs of killer scoots that caught my EYE!
And to all my Friends....was GREAT seeing you!...

Always Great seeing yeah!

Dan "BACON" Carr's water colled Knuckle!
Crazy Machine!

Thanks to the BORN FREE staff for another KILLER! show!